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2 years ago

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It happened two months ago, when my husband was out of town and I was very hot and lonely. He dragged me to the sofa laying in the early morning with my pj ' s down and I pulled up to expose my breasts, and I saw a porn pornminded movie and masturbating, when I saw a man I've seen in the field . My first thought was to close the curtains, but I was so hot, I decided to see it. After I went to the window and smiled and waved him to come to my apartment. about five minutes. later I heard a knock on the door was open and when I saw him and two other men, and told me he wants pornminded to switch at all? she said yes and that's exactly what they did. again and again. apparently they were all watching me masturbate and wanted the job. fucked then repeated for more than three hours, left, and when my husband came home later that day I wanted to catch me and I immediately removed it was over, once. He asked me what the hell was so great, and pornminded I said, because I expected to get much heat in your house and take me. (lol), since that day often should I do when my husband travels a shit.

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